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Development Platform

The Vidatum product set is developed in Oracle, js and use the bootstrap framework to ensure full compatibility with the widest range of modern browsers.

On-Premise or Cloud

Vidatum can be deployed either locally within the University's data centre or on the cloud. For our cloud offering Vidatum uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for provision of customer software. AWS is the market leader in providing public cloud infrastructure and is secure, private and compliant. Nightly data backups are taken and directly saved onto AWS S3/Glacier storage which customers have direct access to.


The Vidatum product set integrates with a number of Identity Management systems including LDPA, Microsoft Active Directory and Shibboleth.

Outbound integrations exist with a number of internal and external systems, including online sources of bibliometric data (WOS, SCOPUS), HR, student management and finance systems.

For inbound integration, Vidatum has a set of RESTful APIs which covering the provision of data to Web content management systems and other external systems. These APIs are easily extensible through our API interface builder.