Education Software Services

Vidatum Technologies provides solutions and technology management to a wide variety of educational institutions. By working closely with universities and colleges we help them enhance their performance through continually improving their student services.

We have extensive experience in providing Oracle and Sungard Banner based solutions to clients in the educational sector. In addition, we have a strong track record in educational software implementation and development, including standalone systems, enhancements and add-ons to existing systems.

Our areas of expertise in Education are:

Enrolment and Registration

We offer solutions which allow students to fully manage the registration and enrolment process. We also enable staff to closely monitor and control the enrolment environment dynamically to reflect the institution’s policies and requirements. We have developed enhancements and add-ons to existing student information systems while our web applications range from simple HTML applications to sophisticated AJAX-powered systems that offer an improved user experience.

Curriculum Building and Publishing:

We provide a framework to develop curriculum requirements and course contents, and dynamically model course/programme structures. Our modelling frameworks support intricate approval cycles for content and structure compositions, as well as periodic upload/download into the back-end student information systems. Our modelling and publishing frameworks allow for data to be published in many diverse formats including HTML, PDF and RTF/MS Word.

Grading and Assessment

A key area which we specialise in is the implementation of efficient bulk-grading systems. We are experienced in designing applications specifically for high-volume data-entry purposes such as entering and updating grades.

Self Service Applications

We have developed many applications which allow both students and staff to have a better experience when using their internal systems.

Examples of this include: the entry and maintenance of students grades by course, component and subcomponent; student enrolment and registration; and applications for adding new courses, fields etc.