Vidatum Projects

Vidatum Projects is an end to end research administration platform that tracks the full project life-cycle of research applications from Intent of proposal to live project funding drawdown including contract details and ethics review.

When integrated with Vidatum Academic, it becomes an even more powerful tool that can accelerate the project (grant) application process and enable precise decision making while minimising risk for both institution and funder.

Vidatum Projects:

  • Allows research administrators and managers view application history, awards and projects while easily identifying where the institution is winning research contracts and from whom
  • Provides powerful workflow capabilities to manage the complete application lifecycle
  • Provides statistical management reporting for funders and directors of research - successful versus rejected proposals, projects on hold including monetary value of all projects by funder
  • Integrates with third party finance, student management, and ERP systems such as Aggresso, Ellucian, HR, Oracle, and SITS.
  • Report generation including external business intelligence on application status including REF returns
  • Customisable interface allowing data tracking critical to funding application
  • Easy Data integration from third party systems such as HR reducing administration time while increasing data accuracy
  • Increase funding success visibility

Comprehensive user interface for viewing and editing grant applications

Document Management

Vidatum Projects allows full attachment of all relevant documentation along the application process. Linkage of relevant documents to the various stages of the process (e.g. original project application versus final agreed award) allows easy retrieval and full transparency for auditing purposes. Application archival ensures no documents are ever lost.

Upload and manage documentation related to the submission


With powerful CUSTOMISABLE workflow features such as parallel viewing, application notation, conditional reviewing and final approval Vidatum Projects ensures all stakeholders remain in the loop by email notice on the status of the application.

When combined with Vidatum Academic the application captures researcher expertise and background providing complete visibility for the funder and accelerate the application process from end to end critical to both funder and institution.

Workflow console for a submitted Grant Registration

Feature Rich, Highly Integrated

Vidatum Grants has the following features:

  • Vidatum Grants works seamlessly with third-party programs, such as Agresso. At any stage of the grants process, reports can be generated and exported into multiple file types such as PDFs and Microsoft Excel.
  • Vidatum Grants has powerful Workflow capabilities which allow management to track each element of the application process.
  • Grants can tracked by numerous categories, such as department, research area etc.

Track proposals and grants by multiple categories:

  • It is fully customisable, both in its user interface, and what features are important to your institution.
  • Easily produce custom reports which can give board members and directors up-to-date information.
  • Staff and key personnel can access the information from any location.
  • Import Excel spreadsheets of grant applications.
  • Avoid duplication of grant applications when linked to Vidatum Academic Profiles.
  • Allows the grantee to reopen and update their application at any stage in the process.
  • Allows the grantee to submit multiple applications at a single time.
  • Allows for Management to view the history of grantees, and examine what grants have been applied for and awarded in the past.
  • Multiple reviewers can rate and access a grant application.
  • Grant reviewers can print grant summaries which can include all accompanying documents and are exported as PDF files.
  • Minimise data entry, and eliminate errors.

Track Grants by multiple categories